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Empowering Voices: China’s Unique Democracy Approach


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At an international democracy forum, experts praised China’s democratic and governance model for its responsiveness to the people’s voices, highlighting its effectiveness. The third “International Forum on Democracy: The Shared Human Values” in Beijing brought together over 200 participants to discuss democracy and global governance, with attendees emphasizing China’s unique approach to governance.

Stephen Perry, President Emeritus of Britain’s 48 Group Club, commended China’s democratic progress, noting the country’s robust system for listening to and addressing the needs of its citizens. He highlighted the extensive research conducted by Chinese leaders to understand public sentiments, suggesting that China’s method of engaging with the people is more straightforward compared to Western democracies.

Professor Emeritus Wang Shaoguang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong emphasized how Chinese officials actively engage with the masses by visiting villages, local communities, and living among the people. This approach, described as staying connected with the grassroots, was lauded as a significant strength of Chinese democracy.

Attendees at the forum concurred that Chinese governance excels in translating the people’s expectations into tangible actions, with a focus on delivering real results rather than making empty promises. Alexander Lomanov, Head of the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, highlighted the implementation-oriented nature of Chinese governance, where government plans are tailored to meet the needs of the population.

A survey conducted across 23 countries in 2023 revealed strong support for China’s people-centered democracy, with participants recognizing it as a model for addressing practical issues and enabling free expression of needs. The forum stressed the importance of embracing diverse democratic practices and fostering a spirit of mutual learning.

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