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Concerns Raised as King Charles Considers Slimming Down the Monarchy


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King Charles III’s plans to streamline the monarchy have drawn cautionary advice, with concerns that such measures could overburden the remaining royals and impede their ability to fulfill their duties effectively.

A royal commentator has recommended that the newly crowned king reconsider his intentions before proceeding with the downsizing of the monarchy.

In a recent interview with GB News, commentator Fitzwilliams highlighted a potential issue concerning the workload of the royal family. He noted that in the initial set of photographs released after the highly successful coronation weekend, only four out of the 12 working members of the royal family were below the age of 70.

Expressing his viewpoint, Fitzwilliams emphasized that it may take another decade before Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are ready to actively contribute to royal engagements.

“While George, Charlotte, and Louis did play various roles during the coronation weekend, such as George serving as a page of honor, it will understandably be quite some time before they can participate in royal engagements,” he explained.

Moreover, Fitzwilliams highlighted the implications of this situation, stating, “The Waleses are undoubtedly the future of the monarchy. However, it raises the question of who will assume the numerous vacant patronages at present.”

The commentator’s concerns align with Princess Anne’s earlier statements in an interview with Canadian TV shortly before the coronation. Princess Anne remarked that the Royal Family has already undergone significant slimming down in recent decades, making further reductions challenging.

The potential implications of a reduced monarchy raise questions about the allocation of responsibilities and the ability to effectively carry out the royal duties associated with numerous patronages.

As King Charles contemplates his plan to streamline the monarchy, it becomes crucial to strike a balance between efficiency and maintaining a sufficient number of working members to fulfill the extensive range of engagements and patronage commitments.

The topic also underscores the significance of the younger generation, including Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children, as vital future contributors to the monarchy. Their gradual integration into royal responsibilities will play a crucial role in sustaining the institution.

The decision on whether to proceed with slimming down the monarchy rests with King Charles III, who will need to carefully consider the potential ramifications and ensure that the workload is distributed effectively among the remaining members of the royal family.

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