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Zendaya Supports Stylist’s Retirement

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Law Roach, a 44-year-old stylist known for his work with celebrities like Zendaya, recently announced his retirement from the fashion industry. In a podcast interview with Emily Ratajkowski, Roach revealed that Zendaya had been supportive of his decision to retire and had even offered to help him in any way she could.

Roach explained that when Zendaya found out about his retirement via his Instagram post, she called him and said, “Girl, I thought we make big decisions together.” She then offered to send him on a vacation and asked him to tell her what he was going through. Roach shared that he had been unhappy for a long time and was still grieving the death of his nephew.

Although Zendaya had nothing to do with his retirement, Roach revealed that people on the internet started to blame her for it, which wasn’t fair. He explained that the two have always supported each other in the industry, and he didn’t want her to suffer because of his decision.

Roach also talked about a viral video that showed him seemingly arguing with Zendaya at a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. He explained that they were running late and when they arrived, the seating arrangements were chaotic. He had a seat, but it wasn’t next to Zendaya, and the seat she pointed to was actually for her assistant. Roach said that they were both standing there, and he was confused about where to sit, which led to the brief argument captured in the video.

Overall, Roach’s interview with Ratajkowski shed light on his retirement from the fashion industry and the support he received from Zendaya during a difficult time. The interview also cleared up any confusion about the viral video and showed that misunderstandings can happen even between close friends and colleagues.

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