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    Why do people from India smell like curry or something?

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    The primary reason for the curry smell is the use of strong spices in Indian dishes. These spices, including garlic, curry, fish, cumin, and onion, can produce a distinct body odor when consumed. The smell of curry itself can be quite pungent and may be off-putting to those who are not accustomed to it.

    Cultural Differences

    The curry smell stereotype is often attributed to cultural differences in food preferences. People from India are used to the strong flavors and aromas of curry, while those from other cultures may not be as accustomed to these smells. This difference in taste and smell preferences can lead to the perception of an unpleasant odor.

    Generalizations and Stereotypes

    It is essential to remember that the curry smell stereotype is not universally true for all individuals from India. People from India can have a wide range of body odors, just like people from any other country. Moreover, the smell of curry can vary greatly depending on the specific dish being prepared.

    The curry smell stereotype is a result of the strong spices used in Indian cuisine and the cultural differences in food preferences. While it may be a humorous phrase, it is important not to generalize or stereotype people based on this assertion.

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