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WhatsApp Introduces Screen Sharing for Enhanced Video Call Experience


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WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app owned by Meta, is set to launch a new feature that allows users to share their screens during video calls. According to WaBetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp updates, the screen-sharing feature will be accompanied by a rearrangement of tabs in the bottom navigation bar.

Currently, the feature is being tested by selected beta testers, but it will gradually roll out to a wider user base in the coming days.

This latest addition follows recent improvements made by WhatsApp to enhance voice and video calls. Additionally, changes were introduced to the Android version of the app to modify the color scheme for missed calls.

To utilize the screen-sharing feature, users can simply click on the designated icon in the call control view. This action will initiate screen sharing, allowing the other participant in the call to see the user’s screen. It’s important to note that the user’s screen will be recorded and shared during this process.

However, older versions of Android may not support this feature, and it will not function during large group calls or with outdated versions of the app.

Users will have full control over the screen-sharing function and can stop sharing their screen at any time. It is essential to emphasize that this feature can only be activated with the user’s consent, ensuring privacy and control over shared content.

In addition to the screen-sharing feature, some users may notice minor changes in the layout of the bottom navigation bar. Specifically, the tabs within the navigation bar may be rearranged in the following order: Chats, Calls, Communities, and Status. This alteration aims to improve the user experience and streamline navigation within the app.

As WhatsApp continues to evolve and introduce new features, it remains a leading platform for seamless communication and connectivity. The screen-sharing option enhances the app’s functionality, enabling users to collaborate more effectively during video calls.

WhatsApp is preparing to launch a screen-sharing feature, allowing users to share their screens during video calls. This feature, currently being tested by beta users, will be gradually rolled out to a wider audience. With a focus on user experience, WhatsApp continues to refine its offerings, providing users with innovative communication tools.

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