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Steam Surpasses Concurrent User Record


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Steam continues to break records, with the PC games store surpassing 34 million concurrent users, as reported recently. SteamDB data revealed a peak of 34.298 million users online simultaneously, showcasing the platform’s enduring popularity. While established games like Counter-Strike remain at the forefront, newer titles such as HELLDIVERS 2, Last Epoch, and Palworld are also gaining traction among players.

The top-performing games on Steam currently include Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, Apex Legends, HELLDIVERS 2, and more. Notably, HELLDIVERS 2, released a decade after its predecessor, offers a fresh take on intergalactic action gameplay. Last Epoch, an action role-playing game by Eleventh Hour Games, recently saw its full release in February 2024.

As Steam’s user base continues to grow, reaching new milestones in concurrent users, the platform remains a hub for both classic and emerging gaming experiences. The diverse range of games available caters to a wide audience of players seeking engaging and immersive gameplay.

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