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OpenAI’s ChatGPT Now Browses Internet


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In a significant development, OpenAI, backed by tech giant Microsoft, has announced that ChatGPT, their viral and highly influential chatbot, is now equipped with internet browsing capabilities. This transformative feature extends ChatGPT’s access to the vast expanse of online information, surpassing its previous knowledge cutoff in September 2021. The artificial intelligence startup shared that this latest browsing functionality empowers websites to manage and control ChatGPT’s interactions with their content.

OpenAI made this announcement on the social media platform X, revealing that the browsing feature is currently available to Plus and Enterprise users, with plans for a wider rollout to all users in the near future. To activate this feature, users can simply select “Browse with Bing” from the options under GPT-4.

This enhancement comes hot on the heels of a major update introduced earlier this week, positioning ChatGPT to engage in voice conversations with users and interact using images. These advancements bring ChatGPT closer to rivaling popular AI assistants like Apple’s Siri.

Previously, OpenAI had experimented with a feature that enabled users to access the latest information via the Bing search engine within its premium ChatGPT Plus offering. However, this feature was temporarily disabled due to concerns that it might enable users to bypass paywalls on certain websites.

ChatGPT has experienced meteoric growth and adoption, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history earlier this year. It achieved a remarkable milestone in January when it garnered 100 million monthly active users, though it was subsequently overshadowed by Meta’s Threads app.

The soaring popularity of ChatGPT has attracted significant investor interest in OpenAI. Recent reports, including from Reuters, indicate that the startup is in discussions with shareholders regarding a potential sale of existing shares at a valuation significantly higher than just a few months ago.

As ChatGPT continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it solidifies its position as a pioneering force in the world of artificial intelligence, reshaping how humans interact with technology and information.

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