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New features for WhatsaApp groups

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WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has announced three new features for group conversations on the app. These updates aim to give more control to group admins and enhance the user experience. The messaging platform revealed the new features on Twitter, saying that “more is more” and they understand what makes groups thrive.

One of the updates is related to the number of participants that can be added to a single group. WhatsApp has increased the limit from 512 to 1,024, allowing more users to be added to a group without worrying about running out of space. This change will enable groups to grow larger and more inclusive.

The second update is giving more control to group admins. They can now approve new member requests before they join the group. This feature will provide admins with the opportunity to review new members before they join the group. Group admins can access this option by opening “Pending participants” within the group info screen or tapping the in-chat banner.

The third update brings a new feature for users that allows them to see groups they have in common with a contact they are searching for. This feature will be helpful when a user can recall the name of a participant in a group but can’t remember the group’s name. The new feature will provide users with more information when they search for contacts within the search bar.

Overall, these new features will provide more control to group admins and enhance the user experience by making it more fun and interactive. WhatsApp is continually striving to improve its platform to meet the needs of its users and make group conversations more engaging.

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