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Meta Quest 3 Insights: 5 Tips for a Seamless Experience


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If you’re contemplating the purchase of Meta’s new MR/VR headset, the Meta Quest 3, you’re in for a transformative digital experience. Having spent over a week with this device, I’m here to share valuable insights that will make your investment even more rewarding. While the unboxing and initial setup are exciting, the realizations that come after extended use are often the most enlightening. Here are five key considerations to keep in mind when making your Meta Quest 3 purchase:

1. Opt for the Larger Storage Capacity

Storage is king when it comes to mixed reality and virtual reality games and applications available on the Meta Store. Many of these consume several gigabytes, with some even exceeding double figures. To avoid the hassle of frequently uninstalling and reinstalling apps, I strongly recommend choosing the model with 512GB of storage, priced at £619.99 / $649.99. While the 128GB version at £479.99 / $499.99 is viable, the convenience of ample storage justifies the expense.

2. Allocate a Budget for Accessories

While the Meta Quest 3 is an impressive device on its own, allocating a budget for essential accessories is wise. Although it’s early days for the Meta Quest 3, several enticing accessories have already hit the market. Consider investing in the £69.99 / $69.99 Elite Strap for added comfort and durability, as well as the £129.99 / $129.99 charging dock, capable of accommodating the headset and two Touch Plus controllers. These enhancements elevate your overall experience.

3. Room Clearance Is Not Required

You can bid farewell to the days of clearing a room to enjoy your VR experience. The Meta Quest 3 boasts exceptional spatial mapping capabilities. Equipped with onboard cameras, it automatically detects your surroundings, intelligently navigating around furniture and obstacles. Should you need to redefine boundaries, the process is seamless. Additionally, you can use the Quest 3 while sitting or standing in one spot, offering versatility and convenience.

4. Embrace Visual Upgrades

For those choosing between the Meta Quest 3 and its predecessor, the Quest 2, the visual enhancements in the Quest 3 are substantial. The Quest 3’s superior pixel density and enhanced graphical capabilities result in crisper menus, improved shadow rendering, and an overall better visual experience. While the Quest 2 is budget-friendly, the Quest 3’s visual upgrades make it a worthy investment.

5. Patience for Exclusive Titles

While the Quest 3 shares a library with the Quest 2, it offers enhanced GPU capabilities, enabling certain titles to shine. However, not all mixed reality games will be available immediately. Exclusive titles like “Lego Bricktales” and “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord” are on the horizon but not yet accessible. Be prepared to explore the current software selection available on Quest 2 as developers continue to optimize their creations for Quest 3.

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