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Successful Operation in North Waziristan


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Security forces successfully conducted an intelligence-based operation in North Waziristan, eliminating eight terrorists, including a high-value target commander known as Sehra alias Janan. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) confirmed the operation’s success, highlighting the significance of neutralizing Sehra, who was a key figure behind the recent attack on a security forces’ post in Mir Ali on March 16.

The operation involved a fierce gun battle that led to the demise of Sehra and the other militants. Following the operation, forces initiated a thorough sanitization process in the area to eradicate any remaining terrorist threats, demonstrating a commitment to ensuring the region’s security.

The ISPR emphasized the resolve of Pakistan’s security forces to eradicate terrorism from the country, underscoring their dedication to maintaining peace and stability. This operation is part of a broader effort to combat terrorism and enhance security in the region, reflecting the ongoing commitment to safeguarding the nation against extremist threats.

In a related incident on March 16, six terrorists were neutralized in Mir Ali, where a tragic attack resulted in the martyrdom of a lieutenant colonel, a captain, and five other soldiers. Despite the terrorists’ attempt to breach an army installation, the troops thwarted the initial intrusion. However, the assailants resorted to a devastating tactic by ramming an explosives-laden vehicle into the installation, followed by multiple suicide bombings.

The recent operations in North Waziristan underscore the challenges faced by security forces in combating terrorism and the sacrifices made to protect the country from extremist threats.

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