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Severe Weather Disrupts Pakistan


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The recent heavy rains and snowfall in various regions of Pakistan have led to significant disruptions, including landslides, flash floods, and road blockages. These adverse weather conditions have resulted in the cancellation of flights, casualties, injuries, and the collapse of hundreds of houses. Despite the challenges faced by residents and travelers, no significant damages or casualties have been reported so far. Efforts to restore roads and ensure the welfare of stranded individuals are ongoing, with a weather alert advising against travel until conditions improve.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department forecasts further rainfall and snowfall until Sunday, emphasizing the need for caution. The Chief Minister has instructed authorities to expedite road restoration efforts and support those affected by the inclement weather. Winter vacations for schools in certain districts have been extended due to heavy snowfall. The situation remains dynamic as officials work to address the aftermath of the severe weather conditions.

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