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Positive Impact: Afghan Repatriation in Pakistan


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Approximately 441,893 Afghan nationals, alleged to be residing illegally in Pakistan, have returned to Afghanistan. The repatriation effort, initiated after the Apex Committee meeting between the government and the Pakistan Army on October 1, witnessed the safe return of these individuals by the October 31 deadline. The move aims to address concerns related to security, with recent events highlighting the presence of Afghan nationals involved in criminal activities within Pakistan. Notably, the public has lauded the government’s decision, attributing positive changes such as a reduction in street crime, a decrease in robberies, and an improvement in overall security since the evacuation of these individuals.

According to recent data, out of the 1,769 Afghan citizens who returned, 286 were men, and 1,005 were children. The repatriation process saw 55 families sent back to Afghanistan in 82 vehicles. This concerted effort comes on the heels of a disturbing incident on November 26, where a suicide bomber, identified as an Afghan citizen, targeted a security forces convoy in Bakka Khel, Bannu, resulting in the loss of two civilians’ lives and injuries to 10 others.

The incident prompted experts to question the Afghan government’s issuance of legal documents to individuals associated with extremist groups like the Hafiz Gul Bahadur Group and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The case raised concerns about the ease with which these individuals could enter Pakistan using Tazkr-e-Afghanistan Identity cards.

In response to the repatriation initiative, citizens have voiced their support, noting a significant decrease in street crime and robberies since the departure of the Afghan nationals. Many believe that the move has positively impacted the country’s economy, allowing businesses to recover and contributing to an overall reduction in incidents of terrorism.

The public sentiment echoes a sense of relief and security, with citizens expressing gratitude for the government’s proactive measures. Street crime has notably decreased, businesses are recovering, and incidents of theft have seen a substantial reduction since the repatriation initiative took effect.

As Pakistan witnesses positive changes following the evacuation of illegal Afghan nationals, the government’s commitment to ensuring a safe and dignified return has been widely appreciated. The move not only addresses security concerns but also contributes to an improved economic landscape, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s ongoing efforts to enhance overall stability.

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