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Pakistan and China Pledge to Advance CPEC Phase II


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Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar and Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zaidong recently met to reaffirm their dedication to ensuring the timely completion of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s (CPEC) phase II. During the meeting, Ambassador Jiang Zaidong visited Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar, and both leaders expressed mutual interest in expanding cooperation across various sectors between Pakistan and China.

In his remarks, Ishaq Dar emphasized the critical nature of the Pakistan-China strategic cooperative partnership, highlighting its significance for the advancement and prosperity of both nations and as a cornerstone of regional peace and stability. He reiterated Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to enhancing bilateral relations and advancing phase II of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in line with the shared vision of the leadership of both countries.

Ambassador Jiang echoed the sentiments, underscoring China’s deep regard for Pakistan and its steadfast support for Pakistan’s socioeconomic progress, as well as industrial and agricultural collaboration. Both leaders concurred on the importance of ensuring the high-quality development of phase II of CPEC.

Previously, on March 13, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif expressed optimism about the future of Pakistan-China relations, emphasizing the shared commitment to development and prosperity through joint investments in various projects. PM Shehbaz highlighted the enduring friendship between the two countries, spanning over 70 years, and characterized by strong leadership that has fostered friendly ties.

The longstanding relationship between Pakistan and China, often referred to as “Iron Brothers,” has evolved into a robust partnership that continues to grow. PM Shehbaz emphasized the need for this friendship to reach new heights, reflecting the shared aspirations of both nations for mutual growth and cooperation.

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