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Nawaz Sharif Advocates Accountability Ahead of Elections


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In a compelling declaration as the 2024 Pakistani general election approaches, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reiterated his commitment to a ‘no revenge’ mantra while emphasizing the necessity of holding those accountable who led Pakistan into an unprecedented crisis. Addressing a gathering of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) parliamentary committee, Nawaz underscored that his focus is on seeking justice rather than revenge for the injustices committed against him. This statement comes amidst a charged political atmosphere, with Nawaz positioning himself as a champion for accountability and a remedy for the tumultuous challenges faced by the nation.

Speaking passionately, Nawaz shared personal experiences of enduring unspeakable pain, recounting instances such as being denied the opportunity to speak to his wife during her final moments. The former prime minister also vividly recalled breaking the news of his mother’s death to his daughter, Maryam Nawaz, who serves as the Chief Organiser of the PML-N, while both were confined in jail. These personal anecdotes serve to humanize Nawaz’s narrative and draw attention to the personal sacrifices made during his tumultuous political journey.

Nawaz did not shy away from addressing what he termed a “grand smear campaign,” highlighting insults and threats he faced from members of the higher judiciary. He reflected on the baseless and frivolous cases fabricated against him, cases that were initially dismissed by legal experts but persisted in persecuting him. Despite the adversity, Nawaz made it clear that vengeance is not his goal; rather, he is driven by the need for accountability and justice.

The former prime minister acknowledged the damage inflicted upon his country and its people, emphasizing that those responsible for making the lives of honest, hardworking, and patriotic Pakistanis unbearable will be held accountable. Nawaz revealed plans for the largest Joint Investigation Team (JIT) with an extensive bench, set to deliver a pivotal decision on February 8, a decision shaped by the collective voice of the people of Pakistan.

As the political landscape intensifies, Nawaz Sharif’s stance on accountability positions him as a leader seeking resolution and justice. His narrative combines personal struggles with a broader commitment to the welfare of the nation. The forthcoming decision on February 8 holds significant weight, as it symbolizes a crucial moment in Pakistan’s political trajectory, where the voice of the people will play a decisive role in shaping the future.

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