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Military’s Firm Stand Against Misinformation


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The military’s senior leadership has strongly criticized certain factions for unfairly blaming the armed forces for their shortcomings following recent elections. During the 263rd Corps Commanders’ Conference, concerns were raised about baseless allegations of interference in the electoral process, emphasizing that the armed forces played a crucial role in ensuring a secure environment for the elections without meddling in the electoral affairs. The forum expressed disappointment at how some segments of society and media, particularly on social platforms, have been unjustly maligning the Armed Forces of Pakistan with unverified claims of interference, diverting attention from critical issues like governance, economic recovery, and public welfare. Instead of focusing on genuine challenges, these elements are creating instability by shifting blame onto others. The military leadership stressed the importance of following legal procedures based on evidence rather than resorting to unconstitutional rhetoric and emotional outbursts.

In a bid to maintain transparency and uphold democratic values, the military reaffirmed its commitment to justice by ensuring that those responsible for the May 9 riots are brought to account within the framework of the law and Constitution. Efforts to distort facts and spread disinformation are being countered as part of a broader campaign aimed at serving narrow political interests. The forum urged unity among Pakistanis to counter misinformation and actively participate in the nation’s progress and development. Furthermore, concerns were raised regarding human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Gaza, with Pakistan pledging unwavering support for Kashmiris and Palestinians at various levels.

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