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Gohar Ali Khan Expresses Urgent Need for Access to Imran Khan


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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan has expressed concerns about the safety of Imran Khan, the party’s founder and former prime minister, following the imposition of a two-week ban on all visits, meetings, and interviews within Adiala Jail premises by the Punjab Home Department. The Rawalpindi Police have also restricted media coverage outside the facility, relocating media vehicles two kilometers away from the jail building.

Addressing the media, Gohar emphasized the sudden suspension of meetings for two weeks without explanation and stressed the need for urgent access for Imran Khan to seek counsel promptly. He deemed the prohibition on meeting the party’s founder as unlawful and noted the prearranged schedule for routine consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Barrister Gohar reiterated the illegality and unconstitutionality of the two-week blanket ban on meeting Khan, demanding immediate access for Wednesday’s scheduled meeting. He urged authorities to provide updates on Khan’s health and security to both the party leadership and his family, while also calling for a transparent inquiry into the reasons behind the ban.

The sudden suspension of meetings and restrictions on media coverage has raised concerns about the safety of Imran Khan, with Gohar stating, “Caging him all of a sudden is an indication that Khan sahib’s life is in danger”. The PTI leadership has demanded a meeting on Wednesday to determine the future course of action.

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