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Stakeholders Unite for Domestic Workers’ Rights in Punjab


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The Provincial Stakeholders Consultation on the “Punjab Domestic Workers Act, 2019, Progress and Way Forward” was a significant event organized by Women in Struggle for Empowerment (WISE) in Lahore. The program manager, Amna Afzal, highlighted the denial of rights to domestic workers and the capacity-building efforts for 500 workers. WISE, under the leadership of Bushra Khaliq, has emerged as a strong advocate for the rights of domestic workers, emphasizing the necessity of participation and awareness among the workers.

The Executive Director, Bushra Khaliq, acknowledged the revolutionary nature of the law and the challenges faced during its passage, emphasizing the dire need for its implementation. The Deputy Director of the Labour Department, Muhammad Shahid, commended WISE’s efforts and assured the implementation of the act, including the fixation of minimum wages and the establishment of a dispute resolution committee. The event also saw the active participation of various other stakeholders, including government officials, union leaders, and legal experts, all advocating for the rights and welfare of domestic workers.

The consultation brought to light the concerted efforts and progress made in the realm of domestic workers’ rights in Punjab. The government’s commitment to ensuring the implementation of the act and the support from various organizations and individuals reflect a significant step forward in addressing the long-standing issues faced by domestic workers. The event served as a platform for stakeholders to voice their support, provide concrete recommendations, and emphasize the importance of social security, legal rights, and occupational safety for domestic workers.

The extensive discussions and diverse perspectives presented at the consultation underscore the collective determination to bring about positive change in the lives of domestic workers. The unwavering advocacy, coupled with the government’s initiatives, signals a promising trajectory for the welfare and empowerment of domestic workers in Punjab.

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