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Google’s SGE Revolutionizes Search


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Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is revolutionizing the way search results are presented, with significant implications for SEO and user experience. According to new insights from BrightEdge, SGE is now showing for 84% of search queries, with three main variants: Opt-in (68% of the time), Collapsed (16%), and None (15%). This shift in Google Search could result in substantial changes in various verticals, and for search marketers, many unknowns remain. The most popular SGE content formats include unordered lists, detailed “breakouts” within lists, location/local modules, and product viewers.

Additionally, Google has started adding warnings on SGE answers, particularly for Your Money Your Life (YMYL) queries, to enhance the trustworthiness of search results in critical areas. These warnings cover categories such as age, financial, medical, legal, and dangerous content. Furthermore, Google is experimenting with various product view formats, including product listings with sourced descriptions, apparel product displays, carousel grouping for multiple preferences, integrated carousel grouping for apparel, and value cards for specific products.

This experimentation reflects Google’s commitment to providing users with accurate and useful information while enhancing the visual and interactive elements of search results. The rise of AI-powered SGE is set to have a profound impact on the SEO landscape, requiring businesses to adapt their content strategies to meet the evolving demands of this new search experience.

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