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Cement Price Trends in Pakistan: A Regional Analysis


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The retail price of cement in Pakistan experienced a notable shift during the week ending March 7. According to data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, there was a slight decline in the average retail price per sack of cement in the northern regions, dropping to Rs. 1248. This decrease of 0.29% compared to the previous week’s average of Rs. 1251 indicates a subtle but significant change in pricing dynamics.

Conversely, in the southern regions, the average retail price remained stable at Rs. 1205 per sack, showing resilience in the face of market fluctuations. This consistency suggests a balanced market environment in the southern parts of Pakistan.

Delving into city-specific statistics reveals interesting insights into regional pricing variations. Islamabad recorded an average price of Rs. 1225 per sack, while Rawalpindi stood slightly lower at Rs. 1215. Other cities like Gujranwala, Sialkot, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Multan reported prices ranging from Rs. 1242 to Rs. 1286 per sack, showcasing diverse pricing trends across different urban centers.

Moving towards the southern regions, Karachi displayed an average retail price of Rs. 1172 per sack, with Hyderabad closely following at Rs. 1180. Sukkur and Larkana reported higher prices at Rs. 1300 and Rs. 1173 respectively, indicating varying cost dynamics within the same geographical area. Quetta and Khuzdar recorded prices of Rs. 1205 and Rs. 1197 per sack respectively, contributing to the overall regional pricing landscape.

The recent decline in cement prices across Pakistan brings relief to consumers and builders alike, potentially boosting construction activities nationwide. This shift in pricing could stimulate growth in the construction sector and encourage investment in infrastructure development projects.

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