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 Wahaj Ali and Rabya Kulsoom Move Fans with Emotionally Charged Performances in ‘Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha’


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In the latest episode of the popular drama series ‘Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha,’ actors Wahaj Ali and Rabya Kulsoom captivated viewers with their heartfelt performances.
The characters played by Wahaj and Rabya, Saad and Neelo, experienced the loss of a parent, evoking intense emotions that resonated with audiences. Fans were so impressed by their portrayal that they are now eagerly anticipating Rabya’s casting in a lead role.


Social media platforms buzzed with clips and images from the episode, highlighting the actors’ exceptional control over their emotions. One Twitter user praised Rabya Kulsoom, stating, “Rabya Kulsoom was the shining star of this episode. The girl has so much potential. Hope to see her in a lead role in the near future.” The user also commended Wahaj Ali, expressing, “When Wahaj Ali came and started crying in his chachu’s lap, his pain was heartbreaking, and his car weeping scene was simply remarkable.”

Another user applauded Rabya’s delivery, noting, “She ate and left no crumbs. The way she cried and modulated her voice made my heart so emotional. I want to see her in lead roles. She is such a good actor.”

Sharing a clip of Wahaj’s character, Saad, shedding tears in a car after holding back his emotions throughout the funeral, a viewer acknowledged the actor’s dedication to his character’s arc. They remarked, “They say an actor goes to a dark place to produce emotional scenes. Today’s performance by Wahaj made me think of not just Saad, the character, but Wahaj, the actor. Outstanding performance. This scene gave me goosebumps.”

Many users felt that Wahaj truly expressed the grief he had kept inside after his father’s death. One user shared, “Wahaj in emotional scenes is just love. This scene definitely reminded him of his father’s loss. Wahaj as an actor makes you cry in emotional scenes and laugh in comic scenes.” Another user added, “I can see that he’s thinking of his own dad and is in another dimension. It made me emotional. It’s the most real emotion displayed.”

Fans also praised the sibling chemistry between Neelo and Saad portrayed by Rabya and Wahaj. They expressed their desire to see them as siblings in future projects as well, acknowledging their natural energy and chemistry onscreen.

While the majority of viewers praised the performances, one user offered constructive criticism to director Badar Mehmood. They expressed disappointment with the choice of song and color grading during Wahaj’s character’s emotional breakdown, suggesting that it detracted from the authenticity of the scene.

As the drama ‘Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha’ continues to captivate audiences, Wahaj Ali and Rabya Kulsoom’s exceptional performances have left a lasting impact. Their ability to evoke genuine emotions and create a strong connection with viewers is commendable. Fans eagerly await Rabya’s future projects and anticipate witnessing the continued success of Wahaj Ali in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

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