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Zardari forgoes salary as President


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Asif Ali Zardari, the newly elected President of Pakistan, has decided not to draw a salary during his tenure in office to assist the nation in overcoming its economic challenges. The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) stated on Tuesday, stating that Zardari decided to promote responsible financial management and avoid putting additional strain on the public coffers.

The monthly salary of former President Arif Alvi was fixed at Rs 8,46,550 per month by Parliament in 2018. However, Zardari, who is one of the richest politicians in Pakistan, has opted to forgo his salary during his presidency.

President Secretariat Press Wing released a statement on Tuesday, confirming that Zardari has decided not to draw his salary due to the prevailing economic challenges in the country. The decision reflects Zardari’s commitment to responsible financial management and his willingness to contribute to the nation’s economic recovery.

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