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Pakistan Enters Final Round of Talks with IMF


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Pakistan has entered the final round of discussions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for an economic review, with talks commencing today after a one-day extension was granted in the negotiations. The Finance Ministry sources have indicated that these discussions will primarily center on a letter of intent and the finalization of the draft Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies.

Reports from the Ministry of Finance highlight that the negotiations have been progressing positively, with no deadlocks or obstacles impeding their success. Originally scheduled from March 14 to 18, the talks are moving towards a constructive conclusion, reflecting Pakistan’s commitment to meeting IMF goals and continuing economic reforms.

Upon successful negotiations, a staff-level agreement between Pakistan and the IMF will be signed, paving the way for the release of the final tranche of $1.1 billion under the $3 billion standby arrangement. Pakistan has already received $1.9 billion from this arrangement, and the IMF Executive Board will be recommended to release the remaining tranche.

Despite an extension granted due to the agreement not being reached by March 18, Pakistan has assured compliance with all IMF conditions, including maintaining a strict monetary policy with a policy rate at 22%. Concrete reforms in energy and taxation sectors have been promised, along with clarifications on external financing arrangements.

Further discussions are expected to focus on finalizing the letter of intent and potential approval by the IMF Executive Board in April. Talks on a new loan program will also be held in Washington next month, indicating ongoing collaboration between Pakistan and the IMF for economic stability.

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