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New Directives by DIG Traffic Chief Ahmed Nawaz Cheema


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To enhance traffic management and public service, the newly appointed DIG Traffic, Ahmed Nawaz Cheema, has implemented a series of directives aimed at improving the conduct of traffic officials and ensuring smoother traffic flow in the metropolis. In his inaugural address at the Scout Auditorium, DIG Cheema emphasized the importance of a positive attitude towards the public among traffic officers.

One significant directive issued by DIG Cheema is the prohibition of issuing traffic challans from 5 pm till Iftar, allowing for uninterrupted traffic flow during peak hours when citizens are heading home. Instead of immediately issuing challans, traffic officers are instructed to first warn families violating traffic rules, promoting a more educational approach to enforcement.

Moreover, strict action is to be taken against individuals violating one-way regulations, as this not only poses safety risks but also disrupts traffic flow. DIG Cheema emphasized the negative impact of illegal parking on traffic flow and instructed challan officers to focus solely on moving violations. Additionally, the requirement for body-worn cameras when issuing challans ensures transparency and accountability in enforcement actions.

Furthermore, the directive to enforce the fast lane on Shahrah-e-Faisal and ensure motorcyclists use designated bike lanes aims to streamline traffic movement. Removing the parking of six and nine-seater rickshaws further contributes to reducing congestion on roads. Displaying timing boards for vehicle lifting in specific areas and lifting vehicles only in cases of double or illegal parking are additional measures to maintain traffic order.

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