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Livestock Cooperation: Pakistan-Saudi Arabia Agreement


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The recent agreement between the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) and Saudi Arabia’s Najd Gateway Holding Company marks a significant step towards enhancing bilateral cooperation in Pakistan’s livestock sector. This agreement focuses on cultivating 5,000 acres of alfalfa cattle fodder for export purposes, highlighting the importance of this crop as a major source of protein for livestock and a staple diet for various domestic animals.

Pakistan’s fertile soil presents great potential for breeding high-quality livestock products with rich nutritional and protein content. The cultivation of alfalfa, a globally recognized fodder crop, underscores Pakistan’s commitment to leveraging its agricultural strengths for economic growth.

The SIFC, a collaborative platform involving civilian and military leadership, serves as a vital facilitator for foreign investments by streamlining business processes and reducing delays. By creating a conducive environment for investment, the council aims to raise awareness about Pakistan’s untapped potential and drive cross-sectoral reforms.

This recent agreement aligns with Saudi Arabia’s and the United Arab Emirates’ pledge of $25 billion each in investment in Pakistan, demonstrating the confidence of these nations in Pakistan’s economic prospects. Additionally, the reaffirmation of support from Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman underscores the strong bilateral ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Moreover, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s gift program during Ramadan symbolizes the enduring brotherly relations between the two countries. Through financial assistance and oil provisions during economic challenges, Riyadh has consistently supported Islamabad, strengthening their ties beyond trade and defense cooperation.

This development signifies a positive trajectory in Pakistan’s economic landscape, showcasing international confidence in its potential for growth and collaboration in the livestock sector.

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