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Internal Divisions Within SIC


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The Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) appears to be experiencing internal divisions regarding their stance on the newly-elected National Assembly, with Barrister Gohar stating that they are refraining from labeling the House as “bogus,” while Asad Qaiser insists that rival parties hold a fake mandate. Gohar emphasized to reporters outside the Parliament House that they are not discrediting the assembly and will not abandon the democratic process.

Despite reports suggesting potential boycotts by PTI members aligned with SIC, Gohar asserted that they would participate and compete rather than boycott. In contrast, Asad Qaiser expressed skepticism about the legitimacy of rival parties’ mandates, claiming that the elected prime minister would lack legal standing. He highlighted their right to protest and explore all available options. This contrasting viewpoint was echoed by Ali Muhammad Khan, who emphasized competition between the “original” and “bogus” mandates for the prime minister’s office, reflecting differing perspectives within SIC leadership.

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