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Bushra Bibi Petitions Court for Imran Khan’s Jail Security


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Bushra Bibi, the wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan, has filed a petition with the Islamabad High Court (IHC) seeking enhanced security and protection for her husband during his detention at Adiala Jail. The IHC has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, October 5, following the dismissal of objections raised by the Registrar’s Office. The move comes amid concerns about Imran Khan’s safety and the conditions of his confinement.

Imran Khan was ordered to be transferred to Adiala Jail on September 26 by the IHC, where he is currently serving time. Bushra Bibi, through her lawyer Latif Khosa Advocate, argued that her husband’s life is at risk while he is incarcerated and expressed fear that he might be poisoned through the jail’s food. She highlighted that Imran Khan has been denied the privilege of having home-cooked meals, which is a customary facility granted to under-trial prisoners in the past.

The petition underscores the importance of providing Imran Khan with the necessary facilities and protections, as Bushra Bibi raised concerns about the potential harm that adulterated food could pose to his life. She also asserted that the treatment her husband is receiving in jail is inhumane, in violation of articles 9 and 14 of the Constitution.

Security concerns surrounding Imran Khan’s detention have been mounting, prompting heightened security measures around Adiala Jail. Elite commandos have been deployed, and additional security checkpoints have been set up to ensure his safety.

Bushra Bibi’s lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha, who recently met with Imran Khan in Adiala Jail, expressed his concerns about the PTI chief’s well-being. He cited the possibility of food poisoning and the psychological distress Imran Khan is reportedly enduring, including restricted movement and confinement to a lower-class cell. Panjutha suggested that these measures may be part of efforts to exert pressure on Imran Khan.

Before his transfer to Adiala Jail, Imran Khan had been incarcerated at Attock District Jail following his conviction in the Toshakhana case. However, the Islamabad High Court suspended his sentencing, leading to his subsequent arrest in the cipher case. The trial for the cipher case was ongoing inside the Attock jail. Now, a special court within Adiala Jail is set to hear this case, following a request by the presiding judge.

In a separate legal move, Imran Khan challenged the decision of the accountability court on August 10, which rejected his bail applications in both the £190 million corruption and Toshakhana cases. Imran Khan argued that his absence from the court on that date was due to his incarceration, and he requested the court to overturn the decisions and grant him interim bail until his applications are considered.

The Registrar’s Office raised objections to these applications but has scheduled them for a hearing with a division bench led by Chief Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Babar Sattar on Wednesday, October 5.

The Islamabad High Court is set to consider Bushra Bibi’s petition for increased security and protection for her husband, Imran Khan, during his detention in Adiala Jail. Concerns over his safety and the conditions of his confinement have led to heightened security measures around the jail. Additionally, Imran Khan has challenged the rejection of his bail applications in two high-profile cases, seeking interim bail until the applications are reviewed by the court. These legal developments continue to draw significant attention.

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