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Bandial and Isa Demonstrate Unity, Dispel Dispute Rumors at Plantation Ceremony


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In a display of unity, judges of the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial and senior puisne judge Qazi Faez Isa, participated in a plantation ceremony held at the court premises. The ceremony was marked by pleasant conversations and prayers shared among the judges, fostering a sense of solidarity. Justices Mansoor Ali Shah and Athar Minallah also joined the event.

During the ceremony, CJP Bandial expressed his concerns about external attempts to divide the judiciary and called for addressing the prevailing atmosphere of mistrust among the judges. Later, Justice Isa issued a clarification to refute media reports that suggested he did not greet or shake hands with the chief justice at the ceremony. He explained that he had indeed greeted Justice Bandial, as captured in a recording that incorrectly portrayed the interaction.

Justice Isa emphasized the need to avoid spreading factually incorrect stories that can cause unnecessary harm and misgivings. He referred to his own experience of being targeted by sponsored false stories in the past and quoted a verse from the Holy Quran urging caution in verifying the truthfulness of information before spreading it. Moreover, Justice Isa rejected the notion of creating a separate group within the Supreme Court, affirming his commitment to upholding the Constitution of Pakistan and defending the institution. He called for focusing on building a strong judicial system that prioritizes the expeditious administration of justice.

Previously, divisions within the Supreme Court had widened over matters such as bench composition, case listings, and the appointment of superior court judges. However, during the recent interaction, the judges conveyed a sense of unity and harmony, dispelling the perception of divisions among them. At one point, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah suggested that both the CJP and Justice Isa plant a sapling together, to which they happily complied. The light-hearted exchange further exemplified their camaraderie.

The event signifies a positive step toward fostering a cohesive judiciary and resolving existing disputes. It is expected to alleviate concerns regarding bench formation and enhance confidence in the administration of justice. The unity displayed by the judges at the plantation ceremony reinforces the importance of collaboration and collective efforts in building a strong judicial system.

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