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Suri Cruise to Cut Ties with Father Tom Cruise as She Turns 18


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Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri is set to officially cut all remaining ties with her father as she turns 18. Suri has spent much of her life with her mother, Katie Holmes, since their divorce in 2012, and has no plans to reconcile with her father due to his Scientology faith.

According to sources, Suri has no contact with her father, and even if he called, she would not answer. Cruise’s official ties with his daughter will end as she turns 18, and he will no longer be required to pay child support of around $400,000 a year to Katie Holmes.

Suri has formed a close bond with her mother over the years and believes that she has one parent and that is her mother. Suri was six years old when her parents divorced, and Holmes got her custody as part of a divorce settlement. Tom Cruise was given frequent visitation rights as the agreement stated that Suri’s mother would care for her most of the time.

However, a few former followers of the Church of Scientology have alleged that the Top Gun star’s faith does not allow him to see Suri as she is not a Scientologist. A spokesman for the Church of Scientology dismissed these claims as ‘fiction’.According to multiple reports, Cruise is in fact forbidden from meeting his daughter, as she does not belong to the Church of Scientology. 

Cruise sued a media giant for reporting that he had abandoned his daughter, but in the deposition, he admitted that Scientology was one of the reasons why his ex-wife, Suri’s mom Katie Holmes, had filed for divorce.

Cruise lost touch with Suri when she was seven, and he refused to meet her on Father’s Day even though he was just 23 miles away. The church, however, vehemently denied that Cruise is forbidden from meeting his daughter.

Suri Cruise’s decision to cut ties with her father, Tom Cruise, as she turns 18, highlights the impact of his Scientology faith on their relationship. While Cruise has denied that he is forbidden from seeing his daughter, multiple reports suggest otherwise. Suri’s choice to maintain a distance from her father and build a life with her mother reflects her desire for a normal and private life, away from the spotlight and the controversies surrounding her father’s faith.

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