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Rumy Alqahtani to Represent Saudi Arabia at Miss Universe 2024


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Saudi Arabia is poised to step onto the global beauty pageant stage with a groundbreaking debut by Rumy Alqahtani at the prestigious Miss Universe 2024 event. Originating from Riyadh, the vibrant 27-year-old model is set to etch her name in history as the first Saudi representative in the esteemed Miss Universe competition. With a substantial following of one million on Instagram, Alqahtani’s announcement reverberated excitement throughout the Kingdom, heralding a new era of inclusivity and representation in the world of beauty pageants.

Known for her grace and charm, Alqahtani has embraced international platforms, showcasing her talents at various global pageants. Her recent participation in the Miss and Mrs Global Asian event in Malaysia underscored her elegance and poise on an international scale, setting the stage for her upcoming Miss Universe journey.

Saudi Arabia’s decision to officially enter the Miss Universe pageant signifies a significant shift from its conservative norms, reflecting the country’s progressive evolution under the visionary leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud. This move highlights Saudi Arabia’s commitment to embracing diversity and empowering women on a global platform.

In a heartfelt Instagram post resonating with pride and determination, Alqahtani expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, emphasizing the historic nature of Saudi Arabia’s inaugural participation in the Miss Universe competition.

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