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Kiran Naz Replies To Controversy Regarding Husband


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Kiran Naz, a well-known news reporter and anchor, has always been a prominent figure in the news scene due to her strong opinions on various topics. She recently went viral for her stance on her husband’s second marriage, advocating that men should be allowed to marry again, as per Islam’s teachings. In an appearance on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, Kiran Naz addressed the controversy surrounding her statement.

Kiran Naz clarified that her opinion was her own and as a Muslimah, she has a clear understanding of her faith’s teachings. She emphasized that a man does not require permission from his wife, and Islam allows him to marry again. Kiran Naz also shared that she is a woman and would feel bad if her husband were to marry again. However, she added that her husband loves her deeply and takes care of her like no one else, and if he were to want to marry again at some point, she would happily permit him.

Kiran Naz’s statement highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the rights and permissions of both spouses in the context of second marriages. Her stance emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and understanding between partners, regardless of their gender.

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