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Imran Abbas Shares Experience of Working in India


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Renowned film and TV actor Imran Abbas recently appeared on actor Hina Altaf and Syed Ali’s travel podcast ‘Footprints’, where he shared his experience of traveling to and working in the Indian film industry. The actor, who has had the opportunity to work across continents, specifically discussed his time in Mumbai, India. Imran Abbas expressed his fondness for Mumbai, stating, “I like it. I have many lovely friends over there.” He mentioned his close friendships with notable personalities such as Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mona Kapoor, emphasizing the warmth and camaraderie he has experienced in the entertainment capital of India.

The actor also reflected on the cultural and personal connections between Pakistan and India, highlighting the shared heritage and familial ties that transcend the political differences between the two nations. He emphasized the significance of these deep-rooted connections, acknowledging that despite any adversities, the inherent cultural and ancestral bonds cannot be disregarded.

Imran Abbas, known for his performances in Indian films such as ‘Creature 3D’, ‘Jaanisaar’, and ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, is set to appear in the Indian Punjabi film ‘Jee Vey Sohneya Jee’, scheduled for a worldwide release on February 16. The actor’s candid insights into his experiences in India offer a glimpse into the personal and professional relationships that have shaped his journey in the Indian film industry, reflecting the enduring connections that transcend geographical and political boundaries.

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