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Former Bandmates’ Instagram Drama


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The public feud between former Jal bandmates Goher Mumtaz and Farhan Saeed has ignited a storm on Instagram, drawing attention from fans and onlookers alike. Mumtaz’s recent interview with Freebird Music took a controversial turn when he made remarks about Saeed aspiring to be like Atif Aslam and criticized his talent and abilities. The history between the two dates back to their time in Jal The Band, which was co-founded by Mumtaz and Aslam, with Saeed joining as the vocalist after Aslam’s departure.

Despite Saeed’s exit from the band in 2011, tensions seem to linger as Mumtaz publicly called out Saeed’s singing skills in a scathing Instagram story response. The drama escalated as Mumtaz accused Saeed of lacking confidence and being off-key during their Jal days, implying that Saeed’s recent video uploads were attempts to show off.

While Saeed has remained silent amidst Mumtaz’s social media onslaught, fans are eagerly anticipating his response to the unfolding drama.

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