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Manish Khokhar: A Story of Growth and Adaptation


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Manish Khokhar is a 24-year-old guy who was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, on September 9, 1999. He comes from Haryana originally. His family moved to Ghaziabad because of his father’s business. Manish has three elder sisters, and he’s the only son in the family. He went to school in Ghaziabad and later studied at Delhi University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc IT).

During his third year at Delhi University, Manish started posting videos online. His friends encouraged him, and in December 2021, he uploaded his first video. People liked his videos, and his followers increased, especially during his graduation. Alongside his studies, Manish was also active in college activities and served as a Vice President.

In 2021, Manish graduated from Delhi University. He then decided to pursue further studies in Canada. In August 2022, he moved to Canada for his Master’s degree. Even while studying, his followers on social media kept growing.

Manish’s journey shows how he managed both his studies and his online presence, entertaining people with his videos while pursuing his academic goals. His story teaches us about determination and the opportunities available in today’s digital world. As he continues his journey, Manish Khokhar’s story is far from over.

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