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I Stand with Palestine


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In recent weeks, the world has witnessed a distressing escalation of violence in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. This surge in hostilities can be traced back to the forced eviction of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood—a stark illustration of ethnic cleansing taking place in an area unlawfully annexed by Israel. The plight of these displaced families is part of a broader pattern of dispossession and displacement endured by Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

The situation in East Jerusalem ignited protests in the area and throughout Jerusalem. These demonstrators were met with brutal repression by the Israeli military, culminating in a violent raid on the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the final Friday of Ramadan—an act that further inflamed tensions. In the face of these acts of aggression, Palestinians have continued to protest, with hundreds sustaining injuries due to confrontations with the Israeli military and far-right settlers.

What makes this moment particularly significant is the unprecedented level of solidarity displayed by Palestinians residing within Israel’s borders. Cities like Jaffa, Haifa, Nazareth, and Lod have witnessed Palestinian residents joining protests in support of their compatriots in Jerusalem. This unity is concerning for Israel, which has long attempted to weaken the historical connection between Palestinians in the occupied territories and those within Israel’s pre-1967 borders.

Disturbing footage has recently emerged, showing Israeli lynch mobs in cities like Jaffa, Haifa, and Akko. These mobs have been hunting down Palestinians, breaking into their homes and vehicles, and subjecting them to brutal beatings, along with vandalizing Palestinian-owned businesses. In response to these violent incidents, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced the use of administrative detention—an approach commonly applied to Palestinians in the West Bank—against Palestinians in Israeli cities who are protesting against these attacks.

The violence has escalated further after Israel cited rocket fire from Hamas as a pretext for launching a bombing campaign in Gaza. As of now, over 80 Palestinians have lost their lives in these attacks, including at least 17 children. While Hamas has expressed willingness to agree to a ceasefire conditionally, calling for an end to aggression against Palestinians in Jerusalem, Israeli authorities have vowed to continue fighting until certain military objectives are met, even preparing for a possible ground invasion of Gaza.

This ongoing crisis underscores the role of Western imperialism in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Western media frequently presents the conflict as a clash between two sides, often downplaying the extent of Israel’s actions. Such reporting is reflected in headlines that describe Israeli airstrikes as mere “explosions.” Western governments, including the US and the UK, have consistently emphasized Israel’s “right to self-defense,” despite the fact that Israel, as one of the world’s most powerful military forces, is occupying a densely populated open-air prison.

Leaders like Joe Biden and Boris Johnson bear complicity in Israel’s actions, given their unwavering support for the nation. Israel’s historical ties to Western imperialist powers, such as Britain and the US, stem from their desire to maintain control over the Middle East. Today, as Western influence in the region diminishes, Israel’s role becomes even more crucial.

The past week has seen an outpouring of global protests in solidarity with Palestine. Despite efforts to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism and suppress Palestine solidarity activism, public support for Palestine remains steadfast.

Israel shows no signs of ending its violence against Palestinians. Even if the current wave of aggression subsides, the occupation and apartheid system will persist. This continued injustice is only made possible through Western support.

The struggle for Palestinian liberation is inherently tied to anti-imperialism and anti-racism. It must occupy a central place in our collective movements. Palestinians are resisting, and it is our duty to stand in solidarity and do the same. Together, we declare, “I Stand with Palestine.”

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