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Economic Revival in Pakistan

HomeCorporateDaraz's female riders are a symbol of progress in the e-commerce industry

Daraz’s female riders are a symbol of progress in the e-commerce industry

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Daraz, the leading e-commerce platform in Pakistan, recently announced the expansion of its Daraz Express delivery service by adding female riders to its fleet as a way to promote diversity and inclusivity in modern e-commerce. By welcoming female riders into the Daraz Express family, the company is taking a transformative step towards breaking traditional gender roles. This initiative serves as a catalyst for empowering women and breaking down barriers to their economic participation.

At Daraz, the safety and security of riders and customers is a top priority. The company has developed comprehensive training programs and robust support systems specifically for female riders. The goal is to equip them with the skills and expertise needed to handle any delivery situation with confidence. Daraz’s commitment to this initiative aims to inspire a broader societal shift. The company seeks to foster positive change on a wider scale by embracing diversity and inclusivity.

‘We have a firm belief that for economic prosperity there has to be equal opportunities for all. We recently introduced female riders to our Daraz Express fleet, which is a step towards our commitment to diversity, and empowerment.’ stated Ahmed Tanveer, Chief Operating Officer, Daraz Pakistan.

The inclusion of women riders in Daraz Express is a major milestone in the company’s development. Daraz’s progressive approach to promoting diversity, fostering inclusivity, and embracing change sets a remarkable example for the e-commerce industry and beyond.

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