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Fast X Review: An Explosive, High-Octane Thrill Ride through the Fast and Furious Universe


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In the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, titled Fast X, audiences are taken on a wild and adrenaline-fueled journey that showcases the series’ signature over-the-top action. Renowned film critic Mark Kermode provides a colorful description of the film, highlighting its larger-than-life set pieces and the disregard for both the laws of physics and conventional storytelling.

What started as a modest street-racing B-movie has evolved into a blockbuster franchise that rivals the likes of Mission: Impossible. The Fast and Furious series has pushed boundaries, culminating in outrageous stunts and explosive special effects. Kermode mentions a previous film that sent key cast members to space, and in this latest chapter, we witness a miniature Death Star wreaking havoc on the streets of Rome, culminating in an explosive confrontation at the Vatican.

Fast X not only delivers thrilling action but also explores the dynamic relationships between characters. Old enemies become unlikely allies, and vice versa, as the plot takes us through various scenic locations such as London, Portugal, and even Antarctica. The film also pays tribute to familiar faces, both living and deceased, with crowd-pleasing cameos that fans will appreciate.

The action sequences in Fast X defy logic and common sense. Kermode mentions a jaw-dropping moment when a car jumps out of an airplane and hits the ground running, only to be propelled into the air again by exploding helicopters. Later, the car transforms into a submarine, leaving audiences in awe. The film’s disregard for realism is not just suspended but actively detonated, as it embraces its own brand of over-cranked nonsense.

While Kermode’s review captures the film’s extravagant action and spectacle, it’s important to note that the Fast and Furious franchise has always thrived on its ability to provide high-octane entertainment rather than deliver grounded narratives. Fast X continues this tradition by delivering an exhilarating experience that aims to wow audiences with its audacious set pieces.

Fast X offers fans of the Fast and Furious franchise another action-packed adventure that defies expectations and embraces its own brand of over-the-top excitement. With a plot that takes us from one thrilling location to another and jaw-dropping action sequences that push the boundaries of what is possible, this latest installment continues the franchise’s legacy of providing high-octane entertainment.

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