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What is the Pakistan army’s stance on politically-driven campaigns?


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Former federal minister Faisal Vawda has praised the recent strong statement from the military’s top brass denouncing politically motivated campaigns, highlighting the importance of such decisive action that should have been taken earlier. In a statement to a private TV news channel, Vawda emphasized the detrimental impact of unwarranted attacks on institutions by political parties over the past decade, underscoring the need for timely intervention to prevent the current situation.

Vawda acknowledged the significance of the military’s stance, describing it as a positive step towards upholding Pakistan’s autonomy and survival. He stressed the importance of addressing past mistakes promptly and without leniency, emphasizing the need for accountability and decisive action against those involved in destabilizing activities.

Furthermore, Vawda cautioned against baseless allegations and urged adherence to proper procedures, such as referring complaints against Supreme Court judges to the Supreme Judicial Council. He also criticized individuals exploiting social media for financial gain through unwarranted criticism of institutions, highlighting the need for responsible and constructive discourse in public platforms.

The former PTI leader highlighted the importance of following established mechanisms for addressing grievances against the military and cautioned against unacceptable social media behavior. Vawda underscored that constructive criticism should be encouraged, but baseless attacks and sensationalism for personal gain are detrimental to national interests.

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