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PTI Legal Team’s Internal Dispute


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In an unexpected twist, an internal dispute has erupted within the legal team of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), with party leader Sher Afzal Khan Marwat accusing fellow member Shoaib Shaheen of being a “traitor” and allegedly leaking confidential information from their meetings. The controversy came to light when Marwat took to social media to label Shaheen as the “sole traitor” within the party.

Marwat’s accusations center around suspicions regarding Shaheen’s sudden appearance within PTI’s ranks in late April. According to Marwat, Shaheen had no prior affiliation with the Insaf Lawyers Forum (ILF) or the PTI, prompting questions about his abrupt inclusion in the legal team.

“I was surprised to see him at the legal committee meeting in Bani Gala. He [Shaheen] had never been part of the ILF or PTI before. His access to Bani Gala reflected that he had the support of some in our ranks,” Marwat disclosed.

What intensified Marwat’s concerns was Shaheen’s involvement in the case concerning former Prime Minister and PTI chief, Imran Khan. Despite not being a lawyer in any of the criminal cases filed against Imran, Shaheen allegedly portrayed himself as Imran’s legal counsel, a move that raised eyebrows within the party.

Marwat insinuated that Shaheen might have enjoyed the backing of influential factions within PTI, as he remained unscathed by the media blacklisting faced by other party leaders.

“He was supported by the powerful secret forces of our party. When the entire PTI leadership was blacklisted on electronic media, he was the only person who was neither stopped nor blacklisted,” Marwat asserted.

While Marwat refrained from disclosing the identities of the alleged backers, he suggested that two influential members within PTI must have supported Shaheen, facilitating his access to legal team meetings.

Marwat further claimed that Shaheen’s presence compromised the confidentiality of their legal strategies. “Soon I realized that our legal strategy was already known to the state attorneys. At times, he leaked our information to the agriculture department, and at one point, he even threatened my life,” Marwat stated.

Marwat vowed to discuss the matter with PTI chief Imran Khan during their scheduled meeting today, promising to provide Imran with comprehensive details concerning his tweet and the alleged actions of Shaheen.

In response to Marwat’s accusations, PTI issued a statement clarifying that Marwat’s remarks should be considered his personal opinion and impressions and should not reflect the party’s official stance. The party emphasized that Shoaib Shaheen Advocate was a vital member of the officially approved legal team, a part of the core committee, and authorized to represent PTI’s position on legal and political matters.

This internal dispute within PTI’s legal team has raised questions about party unity and the integrity of confidential information within the organization. It remains to be seen how PTI leadership will address these allegations and whether they will take any action in response to the claims made by Sher Afzal Khan Marwat.

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