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Pakistan and China’s Commitment at the United Nations


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Pakistan and China have reiterated their commitment to enhancing bilateral cooperation at the United Nations during a significant meeting between the permanent representatives of both countries. The reaffirmation occurred during a farewell call of the permanent representative of the People’s Republic of China, Ambassador Zhang Jun, to his counterpart Munir Akram at the Pakistan Mission in New York.

In their discussions, the permanent representatives focused on the strong bilateral ties between Pakistan and China, expressing satisfaction with the current level of engagement at the UN. Ambassador Akram took the opportunity to commend outgoing Ambassador Zhang Jun for his exceptional leadership and remarkable services in strengthening the relationship between the two nations.

The meeting underscored the unwavering partnership between Pakistan and China, highlighting their shared commitment to further enhancing strategic communication and bilateral cooperation. The discussions emphasized the importance of maintaining and deepening high-level dialogue and exchanges for the mutual benefit of both countries and their people.

The cordial atmosphere of the meeting reflected the enduring friendship between Pakistan and China, characterized by a time-tested and unbreakable bond. Both sides reiterated their support for each other on issues concerning their core interests and major concerns, emphasizing the priority each country places on their relationship.

The meeting between the permanent representatives of Pakistan and China at the UN reaffirmed the strong and enduring partnership between the two countries, emphasizing their shared vision for continued cooperation and mutual support on the international stage.

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