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Allegations Arise Amid Nawaz Sharif’s Political Resurgence


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PPP leader Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has leveled allegations against PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, claiming that Sharif’s “deal with the establishment” has come to light. According to Ahsan, this revelation leaves no room for doubt that the former prime minister’s political maneuvers were primarily motivated by a desire to return to power.

Speaking to the media, Ahsan didn’t mince words, asserting, “I used to say that Nawaz Sharif would ‘zero’ everyone once given the chance. My warnings were ignored then, but now the same has happened.”

The PPP leader accused Sharif of conveniently sidelining other political players in his pursuit of power and striking a deal with the establishment. Ahsan lamented the absence of a robust system in the country, emphasizing that constitutional authority should rest with elected individuals, as ordained by the constitution. He questioned, “How can there be a system when there are no elected people?”

Ahsan also candidly acknowledged his occasional disagreements with his own party, the PPP, stating, “Many times, I have had disagreements with the PPP. Sometimes they agree with me, sometimes they don’t.” He further admitted that there are instances where his perspective aligns with the party’s views.

Expressing skepticism about the timing of the upcoming elections, Ahsan raised important questions about their schedule, remarking, “I cannot say whether the elections will be held on January 28 or not. Apart from the politics of the past, no prediction can be made regarding the upcoming election.”

These startling allegations from Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan come just days after Nawaz Sharif’s return from a four-year self-imposed exile in London, which took place on October 21. Prior to his arrival, the PML-N leader had been granted protective bail in two graft cases, and arrest warrants in another case were temporarily suspended to ensure a smooth return.

On Thursday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) took a significant step by restoring Sharif’s appeals against the accountability courts’ conviction verdicts in the Avenfield and Al-Azizia cases. This marks a revival of Sharif’s efforts to challenge the sentences he had received in the graft cases.

On October 24, the former premier’s bail in these cases was extended until October 26. This extension came after the anti-graft watchdog expressed no objections to the pleas filed by Nawaz. Additionally, the Punjab government granted approval for the suspension of his sentence in the Al-Azizia reference on the same day.

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