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National Animal of Pakistan, The Markhor

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Markhor Times is an independent, privately owned publication focusing on Domestic and Global Affairs and bringing truth forward in this fast paced, biased world of media. NationalAnimalofPakistan is a registered trademark of Markhor Times. It is one of the emerging publications in Pakistan, headquartered in Pakistan.

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Markhor Times, or as I affectionately call it, “nationalanimalofPakistan,” is more than just a publication. It’s a passionate endeavor to unearth the concealed truths that lie beneath the surface of the fast-paced, often biased world of global and domestic affairs. Founded in October 2022 by Ameer Ali Salman, Markhor Times is one of the emerging publication in the media industry. Hailing from the heart of Pakistan, this publication provides a fresh perspective on today’s complex world while taking inspiration from its namesake, the majestic Markhor.

You might wonder why we chose “Markhor” as our namesake. The name carries profound symbolism, much like the publication itself. The Markhor, a national treasure of Pakistan, symbolizes resilience, tenacity, and survival. It embodies the essence of the stories that we bring to the forefront, where we navigate the complex world of politics and society. Just as the Markhor conquers the steep terrains of Pakistan’s mountains, our team of journalists braves the challenging landscape of global and domestic affairs, seeking to bring truth to light.

Markhor Times, or “nationalanimalofPakistan,” represents a shared human experience. It serves as a reminder that at our core, we are all animals, traversing the unpredictable journey of life. Our tagline, “national animal of Pakistan,” underscores our commitment to acknowledging our shared humanity and the untamed spirit that resides within us all. It reminds us that beneath the veneer of society, we share the same instincts, emotions, and desires, regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs.

Markhor Times has rapidly risen through the ranks to become a prominent voice in the media landscape. We are dedicated to truth and unwavering in our commitment to journalistic integrity. Our team of experienced journalists and emerging talents meticulously dissects global and domestic affairs to present comprehensive, unbiased narratives. As an independent, privately owned publication, we are free from external pressures or biases, enabling us to deliver the unvarnished truth to our readers.

Our headquarters in Pakistan anchors us in a diverse and dynamic environment, which allows us to offer a unique perspective on both local and global events. We don’t just report the news; we aim to inspire change, enlighten, and empower our readers. As we continue on this journey, we invite you to join us in exploring the captivating world of global and domestic affairs, bridging the gap between perception and reality, and embracing the wild within us all.

In the spirit of the Markhor, we boldly climb the peaks of knowledge, navigate the valleys of truth, and persistently forge ahead, undeterred by the obstacles in our path. – the Markhor.