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Jonathan Ross as Defensive Player of the Year

Jonathan Daniel Ross from Jack Yates high school playing for the Hoop Nation Family defeating Rivals 92-82 on Saturday on their home turf.

Jonathan grabbed two first points by Stefan Nguyen and held their lead of 23-18 after the first set.

The rival team scored with their two-point shots. to raise the score to 31-22 in early minutes of the second set.

Jonathan’s teammate Nix Tavarion missed many chances to score. They failed to narrow the score, which ended 48-39.

Nothing could prevent the Dragon from increasing their points in the third set, as Jonathan and Horace Nguyen pocketed several three-point shots each to extend the score to 58-44, and then finished the set at 70-59.

Despite their efforts, the rival team could not fight back, losing their match 92-82.

Jonathan Daniel Ross was awarded with the ‘Defensive Player of the Year’ for Hoop Nation Family.

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